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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 24, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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garcia-cannon. she'll be back tomorrow. if today, we have the four of us. kari, nice little forecast, except a little sprinkling. >> a little rain moving through the bay area as we go through today. looking at partly cloudy skies as you head out the door now. even though it's not wet as we speak, we'll make sure you're prepared. as we look at palo alto, we have partly cloudy skies again this morning. roads are all dry, but look as we go through the day. you'll start to see raindrop icons on there starting by 10:00 this morning. we'll talk about the chance of rain looking ahead through the rest of the week as well coming up in eight minutes. mike is now tracking some lanes cleared in milpitas. >> the better news for the morning commute. we didn't have a lot of unpleasant slowing, with a crash, though with the connector at 880 at 237. we'll check mass transit. a smooth, easy ride. b.a.r.t., the rails are moving well with 35, probably 37 trains by now getting on time for the system. and as we look out to the live
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shot, the bay bridge toll plaza, where the backup on the right approach, i think we have one lane still closed but that's late getting that start. use the fast track lanes or the left approach. back to you. >> thank you so much. >> new this morning, as you're about to tell from this video, a wild scene in the east bay over night. a car slams into a home in walnut creek. >> and would you believe everyone managed to make it out safely? pete suratos is live at scene with reaction from the homeowner who was inside when it happened. it was really luck that no one was hurt, pete. >> reporter: that's right. it's a good thing that the family inside is okay at this hour. pretty amazing with you look at the footage. we'll show you the new video. you can see crews from walnut creek fire trying to extricate that car. we did get a chance to speak with walnut creek fire who said the driver lost control driving around the bend in the 2500 block of san miguel road in walnut creek. as you can see in the footage, the car destroying both the
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living room and computer room of that house, which was recently converted into office space. so thankfully, no one was inside that area when the car crashed into the home. in fact, here's the homeowner talking to us moments after the crash. >> loud, boom, crash. shouting kids. and shouting wife. >> now, the driver of that mercedes that crashed into the house was not hurt. according to chp, they say alcohol was not a factor and the driver was not charged. behind me, we're taking a live look at the home that is boarded up at this time. accidents around this bend have been an issue in the past. we'll talk more about that in the next hour. we're live in walnut creek, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> all right, thank you very much, pete. new this morning, a toddler is recovering in the hospital after falling into a hot tub in concord. this happened on clay court avenue. police responded to reports saying the 20-month-old drowned
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in the tub. officers arrived and found the family members giving the toddler cpr. the toddler is now at the hospital and in stable condition. 5:03 right now, and as we take a life look from washington, d.c., and the capitol dome, an unusual turn today. president trump is going to meet with the entire united nations security council. >> meanwhile, congress is under pressure. they have five days to get a budget passes or face a government shutdown. tracie potts is live from capitol hill with the deal the trump administration is now offering up to lawmakers. will they take it? >> specifically, to democrats, and no, it's not clear add all that they're going to take it. the deal is this, the president wants the wall. if they support money for the wall, he'll support some money for obamacare subsidies for some of the families that need it most. a showdown over the wall. the government shuts down at midnight friday if congress
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doesn't approve spending. president trump wants some of that money for a wall at the mexico border, tweeting it's badly needed and mexico will eventually pay. but will he agree to keep government running without it. >> we don't know yet. as long as the president's priorities are adequately reflected and there's enough as far as flexibility for the border wall and border security, i think we'll be okay with that. >> the white house offered to continue helping pay obamacare subsidies, health insurance for low income families if democrats support the wall. >> it's a political stunt. an obsession for the president that should not shut down the president. >> the burden to keep it open is on the republicans. the wall is in my view immoral, expensive, unwise. >> republicans say shutting down the government is want worth it. >> the last thing we can afford is to send a message to the world that the united states government, by the way, is only partially functioning. >> saturday marks president trump's 100th day with a record approval rating of 40%.
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but in a separate poll, nearly everyone who voted for the president say they would do it again. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> when you talk about the approval ratings there. happening today, the bay area based council on american islamic relations is hosting in sixth annual muslim day at the capital. the event is titled action trump's fear. it gets started later this morning at 8:30. it is 5:05 right now. we're watching the latest developments out of france this morning where the shocking presidential election is sending shockwaves across the globe. voters overwhelmingly snubbed the country's establishment. far right populist marine le pen and lacron will face each other in a runoff. the results set up a dual between the two. it's a 39-year-old former investment banker versus a
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48-year-old le pen. she wants france to leave the european union and advocates france first policies including restricting immigration. people from the french community here in the bay area say that this election draws similarities to the recent u.s. presidential election. >> well, did you see what happened in the united states? the same could happen here. it's -- you know, it's a political system. and it needs to be addressed all the time. don't let it sag. >> a big issue with this election is national security. just on thursday, three police officers were shot and killed in a terror attack. all right. back here local news, really national news for the league, the warriors playoff run and the future of the team suddenly facing questions after comments yesterday from ailing coach steve kerr. the warriors, of course, were without their head coach in game
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three of the first round of their playoff series against the trail blazers. now they're expected to be without kerr certainly for game four, maybe beyond that. this is all due to an injured back. he had surgery on it a couple years ago, but there have been complications that have caused kerr extreme pain and discomfort. warriors fans are just worried about his long-term health. >> this is not going to be a case where i'm koemping one night and not coaching the next. >> wish him good luck, hope he recovers quickly. he's a great coach, obviously, coach of the year. i wish him all the best. >> here's the background. kerr had a back procedure that sidelined him for about half of the 2015 season. since then, periodically, he's been suffering pain and headaches from a spinal fluid leak that has gotten intensely more painful in the last few days. kerr says that if his health doesn't improve, he may have to leave coaching all together. >> tough time for that. 5 zk clr 7. happening today, niners fans. are you ready for some football? maybe we're jumping ahead a little bit, but this week, the
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nfl briefly grabs the spotlite for its annual college draft. the first round of the draft takes place on thursday, wraps up on saturday. the niners in great shape thanks unfortunately to a very poor performance last season. they'll draft second overall. later this morning, new gm john lynch will talk about that, the team's strategy with the media. >> and one of the key designers of the 49ers dynasty and legendary beach volleyball player will be among those inducted tonight into the bay area sports hall of fame. >> you have the president of the niners in the '80s and '90s, and kerri walsh jennings, attending stanford before winning three gold medals and a bronze in the olympics. other inductees include matt williams, bill cartwright, quite a group here, and north america's winningest jockey, russell baze, who did most of his riding in golden gate fields. >> we're coming up on 5:09.
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we have some partly cloudy skies. i want to show you the trend as we go through the day in san jose. it will be at 55 degrees at 8:00, then lunchtime, 62 degrees, and do not expect a lot of sunshine today. in fact, we hold steady in the low 60s and then see a drop right back down with some cloudy skies and even some spotty showers. the rain will be a little more likely in san francisco. mostly some sprinkles and some light mist and drizzle. temperatures today reaching into the low 60s and also some breezy winds. we're expecting more of the same tomorrow. i'll talk more about that coming up. and mike has a great commute to start so far. >> that's right. we had a couple earlier incidents, but not a major issue around the bay, and now we're easing back as they have cleared from the chp incident report. the south bay, the peninsula, east bay, and in the maze, a smooth drive. construction clears from highway 13 northbound. that might be a little slow through piedmont, and also looking at the approach toward
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the bay bridge, no delays. at speed on the freeways. a little expected slowing through the tri-valley at the altamont pass. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, new details on a disturbing kidnapping case. hear from the sister of the man accused of taking off with his former student. what she's now saying about her own brother. >> we'll lighten it up a bit in business and tech with a game of can you spot the hidden joke just ahead.
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we're coming aon 5:13 on this monday morning, with some partly cloudy skies across the south bay. and it's also fairly cool as we take a live look. looking at the temperature trend for santa clara. look at those raindrops there. will have a chance of rain in the forecast, and temperatures staying in the low 60s. when our average high is 70, but we'll get here and go well above that before the end of the week. more on that coming up in five minutes. and all green across this transit board. all of our agencies reporting no problems that includes the muni system which had overnight work near glen park. but that's clear now. >> 5:13. new this morning, the tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping his former student is due in sacramento in a courtroom today. that court appearance planned for this afternoon. police say 50-year-old tad cummins kidnapped elizabeth thomas his 15-year-old student,
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on march 13th in tennessee. police arrested him near eureka thursday after a national manhunt. his sister said she wants people to know her brother is not a monster. >> he's done a horrible thing that he has to pay for. but he's still my brother. and i love him. quinn said her brother believes he was helping thomas run away and that the reality of the charges against him haven't quite hit him yet. >> 5:15 right now. one-time nfl player and convicted killer aaron hernandez will be buried today in connecticut. hernandez, of course, taking his own life in jail last week. he was serving two life sentences for murdering his one-time friend, odin lloyd. huge faum fallout for the one-time patriot. >> this morning, we're expecting to learn more about this video that went vire a few weeks ago. savannah guthrie sits down with the attorney representing dr. dao, the passenger forced
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off the united airlines flight in this video. that interview on the "today" show starts at 7:00 this morning right after today in the bay. >> it's going to be a tough week ahead for embattled bank wells fargo. >> scott mcgrew, the board of directors meeting tomorrow. >> a number of them could be voted out. wells fargo, of course, still dealing with the aftermath of its account scandal where millions of customers were signed up for accounts and credit cards either they did not ask for or in many cases didn't even know they had. and then a second scandal as it was revealed the bank dismissed some employees who raised red flags about the practice. wells fargo will hold its regularly scheduled corporate meeting tomorrow, where shareholders will be allowed to vote on the future of wells fargo board members, and several could lose their positions. its ceo said the board members should be allowed to stay. >> the stock markets are in a good mood the french elections. the candidate who wants to keep france in the eu and the euro
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got enough votes to continue into the run-off. he will most likely win. we'll talk more about that, though, we examine politics in about 30 minutes. >> over the weekend, a sill avalley investor named doug durwin ran full-pam ads trying to get elon musk's attention. he wants musk to end his relationship with donald trump. musk has met with trump a number of times as part of the president's advisory board. the president has said in the past he does not support many of the things that musk values like federal subsidies for clean energy and tougher car emissions standards. musk points out that's all the more reason to meet with the president, to try to convince him to change his mind. >> and the fourth season of silicon valley premiered last night. it follows a fictional high-tech start-up that is filled with jokes that are not always jokes. they're things you can imagine happening in silicon valley. >> i'll get my car tomorrow. i have too many. got an uber coming.
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thank you. >> that's the show'soping. it changes each season. if you look really carefully, the fbi is -- let's go to the next still there. the fbi, the little blue vans right there, is in the midst of raiding suronnose. in real life, that's never happened. but yes. the little blue vans pull up quick. if you still it, you'll see it. >> yet it's not that subtle because it's fbi in black letters. >> all right. thank you very much, scott. >> big event this weekend. we had our comcast cares, and you see all the folks out there. this is at sutro elementary school. we were painting murals and also playing some hoops. tell if anyone's performance stands out. >> the alley-oop. there you go. >> i was playing like the passing big man. distributed out to the
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8-year-old shooter. >> tell us that you didn't block anybody. hey, that's scott wiener. >> there's scott, who was apparently the second tallest member of the california legislature. i guess i would be the third, because he inched me about by about an inch. >> i don't understand why you're painting the low part of the mural. you should be painting the high part. >> that's true. they were not taking advantage of my height in that respect. but it was a really great event that we do every year. 100,000 comcast employees around the country that get out and do this. beautifying schools and showing our presence in the community. we had a lot of fun. so nice. >> kari, you were also emceeing a walk for autism speaks. >> such a great event. we had a huge. it was so much fun, and of course, i made sure the weather was perfect. >> thank you, kari. >> we're going to have more nice weather as we go through the week, even though we will have some chances of rain in the forecast. and don't be surprised if suddenly you're out and some wet weather starts to happen.
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well, we're looking some partly cloudy skies. right now as you step out the door, we're not going to have really heavy downpours, but looking at the potential of some of that scattered showers to continue to move through. high temperatures today reaching into the 60s. this is cooler than where we should be for this time of year, but i think we'll take it even when we get a few peeks of sunshine today. we're up to 63 degrees in san francisco. and now the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. we're going to start out showing you that we will have a chance of rain for both today and tomorrow and then it all dries out. this is a system that will bring in the rain well to the north of us as it moves into sonoma county. we'll start to see the rain moving in. if you're also along the coastline, maybe going out for golfing, you'll see some of that rain starting to move in by 9:00 this morning. this is a look at half moon bay. some of the golf courses there may have temperatures also in the mid 50s all throughout the
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day. hitting some of the hiking trails, over toward the east bay, going hiking today, you want to make sure you dress warm. highs will only be in the low 60s with breezy winds. be prepared for times of rain. this is what it looks like as we go hour by hour. 9:30, more people out and about, and the rain starts in sonoma and marin county. then as we go through the rest of the day, going to see more of the hit or miss variety of the rain. everyone may not see the rain, but we are going to have the chance throughout the afternoon. we'll do it again tomorrow with that slight of showers and the rainfall totals not expecting to measure anything more than about a quarter of an inch for much of the bay area. temperature wise, over the next several days in san francisco, going to see the highs in the mid 70s there by this weekend. the inland areas up to 80 degrees. you know it's going to be a nice one with more sunshine in the forecast. and mike gives us better news at the bay bridge. >> i like that, better news at any point, especially at the bay
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bridge. a smooth drive around the south bay peninsula. east bay, only mild slowing for the tri-valley out of the altamont pass for 580. that's a smooth, easy flow of traffic. at the bay bridge, the right approach, all the cash lanes open. that's better news. let's show you another great map from our friends at waze. we partners with waze, and we'll show you this route, highway 4 down 232 and 680 to walnut creek. that's an easy drive. look at all the routes, of those routes, tick to the main one cutting the corner, you're doing better. 29 minutes, but they're all about the same. make your choice throughout the day as we get to the waze system, we want iyou to join ou team. you hit the magnifying glass, then your name, then teams. and you'll join nbc bay area wazers and get the power of our online community to help share the information out here at any time of day because i do sleep sometimes. we'll send it back to you. >> you're allowed 30 minutes. >> we're glad someone is sleeping around here. >> coming up next, hold on to your cash.
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the changes coming to san francisco's world famous cable cars after a break man is accused of stealing fares. >> a power surge and 1600 dollars in repercussions. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop? what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance.
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welcome back. 5:24 on your monday. muni may ditch cash fares after
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a cable car operator was recently arrested accused of pocketing fares for himself. the sf chronicle said muni is looking at changing its payment options. chronsl says that several cable car operators are under investigation right now for embezzlement. >> this morning, nbc bay area responds to a hillsborough man who paid pg&e. and he said they owed him a chunk of money. >> sounds like it might be hard to get, but our team did it. chris chmura here to explain how. >> mort newman said a power surge last year damaged his emergency generator by blowing out the power board. he said the same thing happened to his neighbor. so he filed a claim with pg&e. the power company denied his claim. pg&e confirmed there was a momentarily disruption in service, but it said the cause was unknown. it went on to say there was no unreasonable act or omission by pg&e to cause this outage. mort didn't agree and reached
5:26 am
out to us for help. we contacted pg&e and it cut mort a check for $1,600. the cost to repair his generator. in a statement, pg&e said, after receiving new information, we re-evaluated the claim and honored the customer's requested reimbursement. fyi, in addition to damage claims after power surges, pg&e also assessments claims after pouter outages. homeowners left in the dark can file for losses such as food spoilage and hotel costs. businesses, meanwhile, can file to recover revenue it's lost when the power is out. pg&e has a claim form on its website. if you have a consumer complaint, call us. or logon to nbc bay >> after that massive outage on friday, they might be getting a lot of e-mails. >> coming up next, not anyone idea of what you want to do at the airport. stranded, waiting around. not of weather. new repairs leaving passengers
5:27 am
frustrated at sfo this morning. commuters reducing their carbon footprint. one of the bay area's largest electric vehicle charging sites about to be unveiled here in the south bay. to get b.a.r.t. riders to go green. hey allergy muddlers
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are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®.
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it is 5:29 right now. we're looking at pictures of downtown saratoga where things are nice and quiet right now. we know we have scattered
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showers about the bay. is saratoga one of those spots? let's find out. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia-cannon. >> so suspenseful. i'm sam brock. >> we do have the meteorologist, so that's a step in the right direction. >> it is going to be wet at times today. not the whole day. and we're not expecting any really heavy downpours. going to be kind of sprinkles moving through. this is what it feels like as you step out the door now. we have low to mid 50s right now, and then we're also watching this weather system that's well to the north of us. it is moving closer as we go through the day, going to see some times of rain. this is what the radar could look like. if you have the nbc bay area app, you'll be able to track that rain where you live and even zoom in. as we go into this afternoon, still going to see lingering showers. we'll talk more about that and a look at the temperature trend coming up in seven minutes. mike is tracking more changes at the bay bridge.
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>> they are changes we expect to see. we had the traffic flow starting to change as we had some of the cash lanesed. no freeway closures this morning. a great easy drive. as you get toward the bay bridge, a smooth flow of traffic. just 16 minutes from highway 4 to the toll plasy, but that cleared up just in time for the metering lights to be turned on and the backup to form right on schedule. a smooth drive through the maze and then you have this. >> all right, thank you, mike. >> happening today, plug in and go. b.a.r.t. is going to unveil one of the largest electric vehicle charging sites in the bay area. >> a new pilot program and it's going up at the new warm springs station in fremaunlt. that's where we find today in the bay's bob redell live with a preview of what to expect. if it's a hit there, there could be more to come. >> good morning. as you can see behind me, you have roughly 22 electric vehicle charging stations capable of charging 44 cars at once here at
5:32 am
the warm springs b.a.r.t. station. in about an hour, the transit agency will officially unveil this charging parking lot which has been here since the station opens a number of weeks ago. b.a.r.t. is doing an official unveiling in honor of earth day this past saturday. this is the only b.a.r.t. station with these kind of charging stations which are power during the day by solar panels. this, as you mentioned, is a pilot program. b.a.r.t. is trying to see how many commuters use the chargers and if there's a lot of demand, they could expand to other stations. the charge of charging is included in the $6 parking fee you pay here. reporting in fremont, bob redell, today in the bay. >> a live look right now at sfo and a traveler's nightmare at san francisco international airport this weekend that is spilling into today. sfo canceled and delayed more
5:33 am
than 200 flights just over the weekend as crews right now are repaving and relighting the airport's longest runway. officials say that fliers can expect that sort of situation every weekend for the next several months. at least 40 flights have already been cancelled today. improvements to the runway start late last month and officials warn delays and cancellations could get bad on high travel days. definitely something to keep in mind. some fliers waited hours trying to find flights that weren't delayed, cancelled, or booked full. >> four hours and then we couldn't get a flight until 24 hours later. >> certain sections of sfo began renovations last year and construction is expected to last 2024. >> 5:33, and happening today, a peninsula man accused of killing and dismembering his neighbor is expected to be arraigned. last month, david stubblefield shot and killed his 77-year-old neighbor.
5:34 am
they say he then cut up the body and left the remains in buckets to decompose behind his home. the shooting apparently sprung from a dispute over the price of a space heater that stubblefield agreed to sell. >> well, it has now been one week since the bay area couple has last been seen. this morning, search efforts still continuing. mark and brenda richard from santa rosa took off in a single-engine plane from the truckee tahoe airport last monday. they have not been seen since. the couple was aboard a small airplane scheduled to land at the petaluma airport. search crews spent the entire area scouring an area 20 miles northwest of truckee. they're looking in that area, you see pictures from the search, because radar tracking and cell phone forensics pointed them to that spot. >> 5:34 now. the search for a gunman who shot two men in richmond continues this morning. the victims were confronted around 4:00 sunday morning near gertrude avenue and york street. it's unknown why they were
5:35 am
targeted. both victims were rushed into surgery. is in critical condition. the other in serious condition. >> a night that should have been all about wedding bliss turned violent in san jose this weekend. right now, police investigating a bloody brawl that happened at a wedding reception on saturday night. officers say when they arrived at the event hall on 27th street in san jose. so many people were involved in the fight that it ended up spilling into the streets. it took officers more than an hour to gain control of the situation. even though several people were bleeding and at one point guests were throwing glass bottles at one another, only one person was taken to the hospital for care. an event planner who regularly books the event hall said he was surprised to hear what happened. >> never heard of anything like that. we have several venues on site. yes, people get crazy, people come outside, but never had an issue, especially being protected by san jose police department. >> that was orlando guzman, there. he adds that the hall requires clients to hire off-duty police
5:36 am
officers to provide security. police so far have not announced any arrests. >> four kayakers are back on solid ground after they were rescued near pier 54 yesterday afternoon. fire officials say a distress call came in around 4:23 in the afternoon. the kayakers were more than 1500 feet away from the pier. a police marine unit pulled the kayakers out of the water and took them to pier 52 for a medical evaluation. we don't know at this point why they had to be rescued. a rude awakening for a man who was pulled off the road for a nap early sunday morning along napa's silverado trail. firefighters say as he parked his car in dry brush, the brush then ignited. fortunately, the driver woke up in time to get out safely. >> wow. back online and services restored here. the san jose police department 911 call center back to normal after an alarming technical glitch that happened over the
5:37 am
weekend. the center was unable to receive 911 calls for two hours. during that disruption, callers dialing 91 were instructed to call another number instead. no reason so far has been given for the disruption. >> for the next three days, through traffic will not be allowed pass old luhonda road in san mateo county. the woodside road is closed from 8:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon for work on the storm drain there. local traffic doesn't have to worry. the road will stay open on both sides, but nonemergency traffic will not get through between those scheduled times. >> it's 5:37. as you get ready to head out on this monday morning, we have dry conditions, but it may not be like that all day long. we are going to have a chance of some showers moving through, but as we get a look at the temperature trend for willow glen, we'll be at 57 degrees. a cool start this morning, and cloudy skies throughout the day. we will also see our highs only staying in the low 60s, when our
5:38 am
average high for this time of april, we should be up to 71 degrees. we will be making it closer there and go well above that as we head toward the end of the week. more on that coming up in a few minutes, and mike is now tracking how the roads are moving around the bay. >> that's right. for the post part, they're moving great. the roadways around the bay. we have oneue, though, for the roadway across the bay. that's the bay bridge as you're going westbound. there was an accident earlier, a disabled vehicle reported around the toll plaza. i think that's out of lanes but i'm checking with chp to see if there's no information. another issue going across treasure island, a disabled vehicle reported around the tunnel. we do see some slowing developing here. i believe it's the left lane, the fast lane that's blocked. that's the opposite side of the freeway, so there may be an issue as far as traffic flow. we'll check with crews and see what the latest is. meanwhile, no problem getting under the water, through the tube, a smooth flow of traffic as well as the rest of the transit agencies. back to you.
5:39 am
>> thank you very much. it's 5 clg 38 right now. coming up, just how much do you have to make to be considered low income in the bay area? >> three minutes, we'll detail pretty shocking results of a new study just released.
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5:42 on this monday morning,
5:42 am
with some partly cloudy skies. a live look outside at golden gate bridge. drivers heading out there, dry conditions now, but we may not stay that way. if you're about to get the kids up and get ready, it will be partly cloudy and cool to start. there will be some spotty rain at recess, so they may be inside. and then later on today, we'll also a slight chance of showers with some cloudy skies. we'll take a look ahead to the rest of the week coming up in five minutes. and we're showing a slowdown now for the tri-valley. this is a pretty predictable pattern but more than we had for the last two weeks. so we'll check out how that's affecting the crowd at the bay bridge. >> all right, 5:42 right now. the bay area known for its trend setting ways. apparently, that's true even when it comes to defining low income. the mercury news report that the bay area is the department of housing and urban development's first jurisdiction allowing households with six-figure incomes to qualify for
5:43 am
subsidizes housing. families which earn $105,000 or are now considered low income and can get section eight housing vouchers. >> a living wage rates are making it harder for restaurants to survive. business researchers are studying the bay area dining scene. they found higher minimum wage in urban areas increased the chances that a restaurant will fail along with poor online reviews from patrons as well. all new this morning, a surge in anti-semitic hate crimes reported since the election. >> an 86% spike in incidents involving behavior like bullying and vandalism. in all, there been 541 anti-semitic incidents this year, ranging from graffiti to some of the bomb threats that we have reported here. six assaults also in at least 34
5:44 am
cases, attackers cited president trump or the election. >> now, a developing story out of north korea where a korean american citizen is detained right now. a university of pyongyang confirmed 58-year-old tony kim who taught accounting there was picked up by authorities at the capital's international airport. north korea is holding two other citizens, a college student from cincinnati and a 62-year-old businessman. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days. we're lm at the end of that timeframe. today is 95. >>, trump's first 100 days are in danger of ending very badly. >> they could, with a government shutdown. we're five days out from 100. four days oument from the government potentially shutting down. the president has insists the new border wall be included in
5:45 am
the next government budget. the united states will then pay for it, but nearly nobody agrees with the president. the democrats don't want the wall. the republicans don't want us to pay for it. now, the president promised over and over and over that the mexican government would pay for that wall. it was one of his main campaign promises, but we are going to have to pay for that wall. president trump tweeted, eventually, but at a later date so we can get started early, mexico will be paying in some form for the badly needed border wall. other news, "the new york times" says chinese president xi jinping has reached out to president trump to warn him not to overreact if north korea tests another nuclear weapon. it came in a phone call sunday night. washington time. the president, very interested in the french election as well. he's not said specifically who he supports, but it would appear he supports the leftist, marine le pen.
5:46 am
she'll run against emanuel macron. macron is expected to be the easy winner. all the polls agree. but you know, we have said that before. >> we'll be watching to see what the white house says about the death of an american in ukraine as well. he's an observer for the organization for security and cooperation in europe. killed when the car he was in was hit by a land mine. the trump administration has been mostly silent on ukraine. a sore subject in washington. candidate trump very lenient about the russian an exation of crimea and russians backing of fighters in ukraine, and top former trump aide paul manafort has been linked to the russian government there. >> thank you, scott. scott examines our president's tweets, executive orders and speeches every morning. he would like to hear from you. his twitter handle is easy enough. it's scott mcgrew.
5:47 am
>> later today, we're going to be seeing former president barack obama, so many people have waited to see when he would emerge and what he might say when he does. now we know today mr. obama is making the first official appearance of his post-presidency. in his home town of chicago discussing civic engagement, leading a forum there. he's not expected to discuss pridz trump, but if any of the students par taking in it bring up the president, it's not expected to be censored. he said his goal is to encourage the next group of leaders. >> happening today, can you feel it? summer is in the air. maybe not so much in the weather yet, but summer music events are starting to get started. today, south bay music lovers will learn the lineup for the summer concert series at montalvo center. musicians take the stage in the
5:48 am
garden theater. if you haven't been there, you should go. >> is that the winery siri snz. >> think it was the same thing. is it different? >> i'm too excited about the mountain winery series. >> i'm sure it's all beautiful. we could do a great trip. >> on sam, right? >> it would be my pleasure. >> all right and i'm pretty sure i'll make sure the weather is going to be perfect. as you head out this morning, it will be to start. partly cloudy. we will have a chance of rain throughout the day. be surprised by some sprinkles, but it won't be a heavy downpour. we're right now at 54 degrees in the peninsula and in the south bay. sunrise happening at 6:21. it's 56 in the east bay and 52 in the north bay, and in san francisco. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. we'll have a chance of rain today as well as some cloudy skies and a few sprinkles again tomorrow. and then the rest of the week is all dry.
5:49 am
highs today reaching into the mid 60s the peninsula as well as the tri-valley up to 66 degrees. 64 in the north bay. with only a few peeks of sunshine today. you can just leave the sunglasses as home. as we get a live look at san jose, we're also going to have one of those days that will be cool to start. you may need the hat and jacket with that high humidity, mist and drizzle moving through, and then that's also helped to improve our pollen count. we're now at moderate levels for the tree and grasses. everything else is fairly low, but we have a lot of oak and juniper blooming right now. if you're allergingic to those tree pollens, you're probably suffering right now, and looking at the storm system to the north of us, that might help us out to wash some of the allergens out of the air. as it moves in, we'll see it first moving into the north bay and then becoming more light and spotty. we will see the rain throughout the afternoon moving through the bay area with some hit or miss activity and then tapering off
5:50 am
as we go into tonight. we'll talk more about what to expect for the rest of the week coming up. mike tracking what's happening now on waze. >> pretty calm drive around the bay. we'll give folks a couple ways through the south bay in a second. we talk about the issue, getting across the bay bridge may still be slower than we would like. it's always slower than we would like. slower because of a disabled vehicle. looks like it may have cleared lanes at the treasure island tunnel. the metering lights are on, and slowing off the berkeley curve. we talked about waze. let's check the south bay with that route, getting over from metcalf, up to shoreline and mountain view. about 26 minutes if you take 85 route. but let's show you all three routes. you can make your choice because they're only about three minutes different. through the spring, we tend to see a lighter flow of traffic. you can make your decision where you want to go for the afternoon and evening build as well by checking your waze app on your phone. sign up for our team by going to your waze application, click on the magnifying glass, then your
5:51 am
name, that's your profile, and select your team, which is nbc bay area wazers. that's our team collectively. we share that traffic information, give you the advantage on the roads. back to you at the desk. >> all right, thank you. >> thank you. >> talking about being in the right place at the right time. coming up on tb, a volunteer firefighter jumped into action after a little girl falls off a moving bus. we'll show you the dramatic video that follows of the rescue. >> first, happening now, workers in new orleans removed a confederate monument and towering statue honoring a white supremacist group that tried to overthrow a biracial government after the civil war. it is the first of four confederate era monuments that are coming down. and today is the 102nd anniversary of the armennian genocide. it killed 1.5 million people. turkey, to this day, does not acknowledge it. a march planned in los angeles is expected to draw thousands of people.
5:52 am
more news coming up in two minutes. we all face some obstacles and
5:53 am
5:54 am
loss in life. but sheryl sandberg experienced hers very we all say some obstacles and loss in life, but sheryl sandberg experienced hers publicly when she unexpectedly lost her husband. >> she releases her second book today about loss. our bay area revolutions team
5:55 am
was the only tv crew to sit down with her to talk about her new venture. scott budman has more. >> the book is called option b, facing advirsty, building resilience and finding joy. in it, she shares how she coped after her husband dave goldberg died in an accident in mexico two years ago. >> everyone faces some form of option b. no one's life is perfect. option b is about how we build resilience. it's knowing that resilience is not something we have a set amount but something we build. >> the book title came about after a conversation sandberg had with a friend. >> my friend phil when i lost dave, we were talking about an activity that dave wasn't there to take my son to. we came up with another option, someone else to cover. and i looked at him and said, but i want dave. and she said, well, option a isn't available so we're going to kick the out of option b. >> sandberg, a single mother of two, says with this tragedy also comes greater appreciation for
5:56 am
the good that's left. >> until dave died, it never occurred to be dave could die, which means it never occurred to me i could die or my kids could die. i appreciation every year in a whey i didn't before. i would love to go back and share that with dave, celebrate the last birthday we had with him in a way i really would now had i known. but i can still celebrate every one of my kids' birthdays that way now. >> sandberg is one of eight influential and successful bay area women we profile on our emmy-winning documentary series bay area revelations. hear the untold stories about their personal journeys and their fight for equality. woman game changers airs saturday, may 13th, at 10:00 in the evening. >> 5:56 right now. happening later today, two men accused of attacking a sick man in the east bay are due back in court in a few hours. chase little and colton leblanc have pleaded not guilty in the attack. investigators say they targeted
5:57 am
the victim back in september in richmond because of his ethnicity. the victim says he had to have his finger amputated because of the attack. a lot of kwepgzs this morning after five people were killed in a house fire in new york city. this is one of the worst fires they have seen there in years. three of the victims were children. a driver spotted flames shooting from the first and second floors of that house in queens yesterday. firefighters were there within minutes. investigators say that a toddler and another victim were trapped in the attic in that fire. the cause is under investigation. it is 5:57 now. still waiting to learn who the two people are that died in sequoia national park over the weekend. a climber on mt. whitney suffered a deadly fall from a trail on friday afternoon. and then on saturday afternoon, a 21-year-old woman fell into the river and was swept away. another park visitor managed to get her out of the water downstream, but she later died. a new video just in to our newsroom this morning showing a small boat hitting a whale in
5:58 am
puget sound in washington state. it could take a few weeks to know how that whale is doing. it happened during a whale watching trip. the crew says the whales changed their course and started swimming close to the boat. the captain says it is a good reminder to always watch out for the giant marine mammals. >> these guys are big and slower. and they're used to boats. but when someone comes in at speed like that and there's big 40-foot animals. it's hard to get out of the way. >> boats are required to stay 100 yards away from all whales and 200 yards away from orcas. >> that's a scary experience there. >> a volunteer firefighter's dashboard camera was rolling as a child fell out of a moving bus in arkansas. before we show you the video, it's important to say the child is doing okay today. now, look closely. you'll see the back door of the bus just swing open and a child falls out. it's spotlighted right there she is in the middle of the road.
5:59 am
the bus driver has no idea what's happen and kept driving. they say this man come in. the driver behind the bus stopped his car, trying to rush to help the girl. she has a broken jaw and needs surgery but she's going to make a full recovery. coming up on the "today" show, hear from the man who captured the video and then ran to her rescue. >> that's horrible. that gave me goosebumps. >> the live rounds on nbc's "the voice" enter the second week tonight. >> 12 singers remain in the competition. and from here on out, it's up to the voters to decide who stays and who goes. the live shows kicked off last week. contestants say the energy was palpable. it got even better when the singers received extra coaching from shania twain. >> you can tell she really knows her music. you ran seven octaves down and i'm counting the notes. i'm like, you're good. >> the voice airs tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area
6:00 am
followed by an all new episode of "en" at 10:00 p.m. >> right now at 6:00, an nbc news exclusive. the sister of the former teacher who disappeared with a teenage student speaks out. why she's standing by her brother despite the accusations against him. check out this new video. a rude awakening for a family in the east bay after a car slams into their home. how a home renovation may have saved those inside. and some bad news for w nation. the reason head coach steve kerr could be out of the game for a while. today in the bay continues right now. >> good monday morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. yeah, coach kerr could be off the sidelines for a little while. we have coach mike back. happy to see you. >> good to be on the bench. always on the bench. >>


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